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The legendary barque "Sedov" is one of the most beautiful windjammers and the biggest training tall ship in the world. In 2021 she will celebrate her 100th anniversary.

There are few large sailing vessels in the world. The "Sedov" and "Kruzenshtern" are some of the last windjammers, that have outlived their era for decades.  Their longevity is the merit of the Russian sailors. These tall ships continue to go to sea, being able to overcome hundreds of miles without fuel. 

The sailing vessels "Sedov" and "Kruzenshtern" are part of the history of navigation. Even now people are amazed by their impressive size as it was years ago. For decades their sailing rig has  proved its strength, power and efficiency at sea. A unique feature of windjammers is that even in a storm, they are able to carry sails, to develop a sufficiently high speed.

The cadets of Russian Marine Academies and Colleges have their sailing practice on board the tall ships. Sailboats have been modernized, equipped with engines according to modern standards. But despite all these improvements, they remain the same windjammers, strong, powerful, agile, fast and able to withstand the sea storms.

Today there are no more than fifty large ships of this class in the world.  A dozen or so years will pass and these majestic tall ships will go down in history. They will become museum ships, like many others. It will be a story, too, but a different one.







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