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Conditions of Use

Dear Guest,
We hope that you have found the appropriate vacation trip in our program, and we welcome you to the exclusive circle of STS Sedov Trainees.
Please read the following
Information & Conditions
carefully so that you will know exactly what you can expect from us. The information &
conditions regulate the contractual relationship between you and us, and you shall recognize them with your reservation. We are striving to relieve you of troubles and worries in as far as humanly possible. The delineation of our responsibility is designed to provide clarity regarding what you may expect and our liability.
1. Application & Travel Confirmation
1.1. Via your tour application, you are offering Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU), in a binding manner, the opportunity to close a travel agreement. Your tour registration may transpire in writing. The travel agreement will only become binding from the time that we confirm the reservation and the price to you or your travel agent in writing.
1.2. The applicant is liable for all contractual obligations of other tour participants that
he registers provided that he has expressly confirmed to do so.
1.3. You shall receive a travel confirmation upon conclusion of the contract or without
delay thereafter. The confirmation shall contain all essential information regarding travel
performances you have reserved, provided that said information does not already
follow from the travel brochure.
1.4. All personal data, which you submit to us for handling your trip, is subject to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. Data will be protected against improper use.
1.5. If the subject-matter of the confirmation of the holiday deviates from the subject-matter of the booking, then a new offer by MSTU is in existence to which it is bound for the duration of 10 days. The contract comes into existence on the basis of this new offer if the traveler declares his acceptance to MSTU in writing or by payment within the commitment period.
2. Payment
2.1. You are required to make a down-payment of 10% per person within one week following receipt of the travel confirmation and the invoice. The remaining balance shall be due for payment four weeks prior to commencement of travel and before receipt of travel documents (tickets, etc.). The entire tour price is due for immediate payment in the event of applications made at short notice.
2.2. If the traveler is in default with a payment to MSTU, MSTU can cancel the contract. In this case MSTU can claim cancellation fees in accordance with paragraph 5.2.
2.3. The customer is required to bear the cost of ancillary performances, such as acquiring a visa, etc., as well as the costs for reservations or inquiries made by telephone. By telephone-booking is 35 Euros are extra to pay.
2.4. All payments must be made directly to MSTU/ Marine Academy Gmbh & CoKG. Payments to the intermediary travel agency will be made at the traveler´s own risk and will have no dept-discharging effect should the travel agency fail to forward the payments to MSTU/ Marine Academy Gmbh & CoKG.
3. Modification
3.1. Changes in the trip’s itinerary are possible for ship voyages, e.g. in case of floodings
or low water level, inclement weather conditions, governmental regulations, if the vessel
could not adhere to its schedule at the time that travel commences because of an unforeseen technical defect that causes postponement of the trip itinerary, if the vessel’s
management alters the vessel’s course in the interest of passengers’ safety or any other
special reason related to the ship travel.
3.2. Any such and comparable divergences from and modifications to individual travel
performances contained in the travel agreement, which become necessary after the
agreement is closed, and which are not induced by MSTU contrary to the principles of good faith and trust, are solely permissible, if they are not substantial and if they do not impede the overall tailored style of the reserved trip. The modified performance shall supersede the performance due under contract. Contingent claims under warranty shall remain unaffected, in as far as substitute performance is flawed. In the event that the overall tailored style of the reserved trip is unreasonably modified due to said substitute performances, then we shall grant you the option to change your reservations, free of charge, or to cancel the travel agreement without paying any fees. MSTU shall undertake to immediately inform you of any such divergences or modifications, in as far as possible.
3.3. MSTU reserves the right to alter the indicated prices which have been confirmed on
booking in the case of an increase of transportation costs or of fees for particular services, such as port or airport charges, bunker surcharges, insurance fees or in the case of an alteration of the exchange rates applicable to the holiday in question, to the extent to which this increase has an effect on the price of the holiday per person or per seat, provided more than 4 months lie between the conclusion of the contract and the stipulated date of the holiday. In the case of a subsequent amendment to the price of the holiday or of an amendment to an essential travel service, MSTU must inform the traveler accordingly without delay, at the latest, however, 21 days before commencement of the holiday. Price increases after this period are not permissible. In the case of price increases of more than 5% or in the case of a considerable amendment to an essential travel service, the traveler is entitled to withdraw from the tourist travel contract free of charge or to demand to take a holiday which is at least of the same value, if the tour operator is in a position to offer such a holiday from its range of holidays at no extra cost for the traveler. The customer must assert these rights without delay against MSTU after the latter's declaration of the price increase or of the amendment of the travel service.
4. Cancellation, Changing Reservations, Substitute Persons
4.1. You may cancel your trip in writing at any time prior to commencement of travel.
Your cancellation notice shall become effective on the date we receive it.
4.2. If one of the parties cancels the contract or if you do not start the journey, MSTU may demand reasonable compensation for arrangements it has made in conjunction with the trip and for its expenses, even if MSTU has not yet confirmed the trip or if you fail to begin the journey. Our flat rate claim to reimbursement consist of a processing fee of EUR 35.00 per person for cancellation of a reserved trip up to 150 days prior to commencement of travel. The following annulment fees shall arise in the event of later cancellation:
25% of the tour price for cancellation 45 days prior to commencement of travel;
50% of the tour price for cancellation 44th – 21th day prior to commencement of travel;
75% of the tour price for cancellation 20th – 8th day prior to commencement of travel;
90% of the tour price for cancellation 7th – 1st day prior to commencement of travel;
100% if you are not starting the travel.
4.3. We will endeavour to modify the travel registration (change reservations) subject to
availability, at your request, up to 45 days prior to commencement of travel. Any change
of reservations made as of the 44th day prior to commencement of travel will require you
to serve notice that your are canceling the reserved trip, and it will require subsequent reregistration. This shall not apply for requested changes of reservations that solely cause substantiated, minor expenses. Modification of the travel date, the travel destination, accommodations or the means of transportation shall apply as a change of reservations.
4.4. You may appoint a substitute person for yourself up to commencement of travel.
In such case you are required to inform the tour organizer thereof. The tour organizer may object to any such substitute person on the basis of good cause. If a third party enters into the contract, then he and the registrant are jointly and severally liable in respect of MSTU for the price of the holiday and for additional costs incurred through the entry of the third party.
4.5. Cancellation fees and fees for changing reservations are due for immediate payment.
5. Cancellation and Rescission of Agreement by the Tour Organizer
MSTU may rescind the travel agreement after commencement of travel, without complying with a term of notice, if travelers persistently disturb execution of the trip despite an appropriate warning issued by the tour organizer. The same shall apply if anyone should behave in a manner which is gravely in breach of contract and justifies the immediate cancellation. In addition MSTU has the right to cancel the travel contract without notice if in the captain´s opinion the traveler is unfit for travel due to illness, physical disability or for any other reason or if the traveler requires special assistance but is travelling without this assistance or if the trip has been booked based on incorrect information. MSTU shall, however, after cancellation retain its claim to the tour price. The person causing the disturbance is liable for any possible extra cost for return transportation. However, MSTU is required to allow credit for the value of saved costs as well as for advantages which may be obtained from another application of services not used, including possible reimbursements from service providers.
6. Rescission of the Contract due to exceptional Circumstances
MSTU or the traveler may both rescind the travel agreement if the trip is rendered considerably difficult, endangered or impeded due to an Act of Providence, (e.g., war, internal unrest, natural catastrophes). MSTU shall immediately refund the paid tour price in such instance. However, MSTU may demand compensation for rendered or outstanding travel performances.
7. Liability
7.1.We shall bear liability within the scope of the due diligence of a prudent businessman:
7.1.1. for conscientious preparation of the trip;
7.1.2. for due and proper rendering of contractually covenanted tour performances,
under consideration of applicable legal provisions of the respective country and place of
7.2. However, we are not liable for information contained in hotel and local site brochures. We have no influence on their origin. We also bear no liability if national
political conditions and contingent entry regulations change at the point of destination, after this brochure is printed, that encumber entry into the affected county or point of destination or which render the same infeasible. We shall inform you at short notice of any such essential, subsequent changes, in as far as possible;
7.3. We are liable for the fault of a person entrusted with rendering a service, unless otherwise stipulated under these Terms & Conditions of Travel or stipulated by prevailing
conditions, and provided that the person, entrusted to render service, had caused an
instance of damage not only upon the occasion of performing contract.
The measure of indebted diligence shall be determined by conditions at the site of service
rendered. Your tour will take you to foreign countries, where foreign living
conditions and where laws, that are partially foreign to us, prevail.
7.4. Warranty
7.4.1. The traveler may demand relief if the tour is not performed in compliance with contract. MSTU may refuse relief if it necessitates disproportionate expense.
7.4.2. After returning from the tour, the traveler may demand reduction of the tour price, commensurate with reduced performance, in the event that the demand for relief was unsuccessful and the trip was not performed in compliance with contract.
This shall not affect contingent, more extensive claims for subsequent reduction of the
tour price.
7.4.3. The traveler may rescind the travel agreement if the tour organizer failed to perform relief, within a reasonable term, or if the tour organizer formally states that relief cannot be performed, and if the trip will be considerably impaired due to performance of services under noncompliance with contract.
7.5. Restriction of Liability
7.5.1. The tour operator’s contractual liability is limited to three times the tour price, provided that damages sustained by the traveler are not caused by intent or gross negligence. The same applies in as far as the tour organizer is responsible for damages incurred by a traveler solely through the fault of a service provider.
7.5.2. A claim to damage against the tour organizer is restricted or excluded, if - under
legal provisions applicable to required, rendered performances of a service provider - a
claim for damage against a service provider may solely be asserted under certain conditions or limitations or if such claim is excluded under certain conditions.
7.6. Duty to Cooperate, Complaints
7.6.1. In the event of defective performance, each traveler is required to undertake whatever may be reasonably expected of him to contribute to alleviate the defect and to keep any potential damages to a minimum.
8. Exclusion of Claims and Statute of Limitation
8.1. Your claims are to be asserted within 14 days following the contractually covenanted date of return. Claims are to be stated in writing and forwarded to Stema-Service GbR, Plattenfoort 2, 22159 Hamburg. You may only asset claims after expiration of the above term, if you were hindered from complying with the deadline through no fault of your own.
8.2. All claims arising from the travel agreement shall lapse one year following the
contractually covenanted date of return.
8.3. The statue of limitations is suspended if the tour organizer initially states to you that complaints and claims are being examined. The suspension is lifted when the tour organizer informs the customer of the results of his examination with regard to the customer’s claims.
9. Insurance Coverage
For your own safety, we recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy that includes baggage, accident, health, interruption and liability coverage.
10. Passport, Visa, Customs, Foreign Exchange and Health Regulations
10.1. You will receive essential information on the formalities required for your trip. This
information will be conveyed along with travel documents and through the travel description contained in the catalog. Please heed this information, as each traveler is himself responsible for compliance with these regulations. You shall bear all costs and the negative impact of failure to comply with said information.
10.2. Please ensure that your passport, which you will require for your trip, is still valid, if possible for a period of six months beyond the planned travel date. Children require a children's passport or they must be entered in the passport of an accompanying parent. This information applies for German citizens. Foreign nationals and holders of foreign passports are requested to turn to their relevant consulate or embassy for appropriate information.
10.3. You are liable to MSTU for all consequences and damages, especially penalties, fees and expenses, that must be paid or deposited as a result of your failure to follow applicable regulations for entry into, exit out of or transit through a country, or if in case you have not provided the necessary documents or not provided them in the prescribed manner. Your are obliged to immediately reimburse any funds that MSTU must pay or deposit.

10.4. By registering you confirm the possession of a valid vaccination certificate and to have received all required immunizations for the trip. Please give proof of vaccination and passport the Traineeofficer.
11. General Remarks
11.1. Printing errors and computational errors in the brochure or on the travel confirmation shall entitle to MSTU to avoid the validity of the travel agreement. In such instance, to MSTU is required to compensate the traveler for the proven loss incurred by relying on a declaration.
11.2. All information in our tour description corresponds to the current status of information at the time of printing.
11.3. Invalidity of individual provisions of the travel agreement shall not result in invalidity of the entire travel agreement. The same shall apply for these same Terms &
Conditions of Travel.
11.4. Oral agreements are only valid if we have confirmed them in writing.
11.5. Russia law is solely applicable to the contractual relationship between the traveler
and MSTU.
12.7. Organization of the tour is the University Murmansk (MSTU), Sportivnaya Street 13 183010 Murmansk, Russia Federation, as owner of STS SEDOV, in name and order Marine Academy GmbH&Co.KG, Stettiner Str. 30 in 33106 Paderborn. Place of law is the homeport of  STS SEDOV, Murmansk/ Russia Federation.   Murmansk Jun 2012
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