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Revocation Right

You can revoke your contract declaration in written form (e.g. letter, fax, email) within two weeks without specifying any reasons. The time limit starts at the earliest with the receipt of this declaration in written form. Sending off the revocation in time complies with ensuring the revocation time limit. Send your revocation to:

Marine Academy GmbH&Co.KG
Stettiner Str. 31
33106 Paderborn

+ 49 163 601 1941
+   7 911 307 7000

E Mail:

Effects of the revocation:
An operative revocation effects that both parties have to restore received achievements and potential benefits (e.g. interests). Compensations for lost value must be made as far as you are not able to refund received services in whole or in part or only in a deteriorated condition.

Particular note:
Your right of revocation expires ahead of time if fba has started executing its services by your explicit accordance before the end of the revocation time limit or if you yourself have caused these (e.g. by downloading, etc).

Close of the declaration of revocation

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